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Birthdate:Aug 8

Norton Gray was born August 8th, 1985 to Marley and Jules Gray. His birth killed his mother, leaving his father and several handlers to raise him. His father is the current reigning king of Lanstonia, leaving him heir to the throne. And because he was the only heir to a single child king, his father placed upon him at a young age the importance of tradition and being the heir to the throne. He grew up sheltered, but he was a proper gentleman and respectful of everyone around him. He took pride in who he was and had a better understanding of who he was going to grow up to be. While sometimes he wished he'd not grown up as such, he understands why he had to and he's accepted his duties and is well adjusted to the knowledge. He even adopted a son, Kaj, from a shelter for abused children and started to raise him as a single father.

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Before he came out of the closet, his father had arranged a marriage for him but he immediately told the girl he was gay. With that understanding, she kept his secret and he continued to hide it from the public. He paid a series of men, not for sex, but for their silence on what he considered his 'dirty little secret.' When he finally came to terms that he couldn't decieve himself anymore, he finally came out to his father and country.

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This is a RP journal, nothing is real. Norton and Lanstonia are made up things that have taken a looooooooooong time to flesh out. I am not my PB, Prince Harry of Wales, so don't sue me for using his face. His pretty, pretty face. Typist is [info]baldcupcake.

Mun is over the age of 21 and does not write sexual scenes with players under the age of 18. Period. Lack of respect for that means lack of respect for me, and also means that you don't deserve RP with me in the first place.

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✪My PB is LOVE!!!✪

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